Tara, Marcia, Kim, Wendy, Teresa

Kim Hansen
Owner, Interior Designer
(402) 707-6878 (cell)

Kim co-founded Absolute Design Interiors (ADI) in 1998. She is an Omaha native who graduated from Marian High School and completed the Interior Design Program at Metro Community College. She believes that we are all connected through design and our clients deserve the very best from ADI. We help achieve this through creating design that works toward goals, responds to change, solves problems, and inspires every day. “My joy in life is designing with a focus on picking interior and exterior paint colors. Whether the project is large or small, residential or commercial – your surroundings should reflect you.”

Marcia Soe
Partner, Interior Designer
(402) 578-7492 (cell)

Marcia has her Bachelor of Science degree from Bellevue University. She has worked in the design field for 15+ years on new construction, remodels, and commercial projects. She likes taking on challenges to find solutions for interior finishes and works hard to meet the client’s needs. “My passion is creating a place for clients in which they come home and love the space they live in. Home is where you spend most of your time; whether it is your kitchen, great room or bedroom.”

Wendy Shaw
Interior Designer
(402) 618-9099 (cell)

As an interior designer and professional home stager, Wendy’s days are filled with helping her clients create spaces that reflect their unique tastes and that function smoothly within their lifestyle. “Clients often ask me, ‘What is your design style?’ I tell them what matters to me is helping them achieve their style.” She is driven to help her clients turn their houses into homes; from traditional to contemporary.  Her passion is creating long lasting relationships with her clients as they continue their design journey and is always ready to help.

Tara Soe
Interior Designer
(402) 686-0608 (cell)

Tara graduated from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln with a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design. She has over 7+ years of design experience in residential, and commercial design. “I understand that every project is different. Every client is different. Every budget is different.” Each of her projects are catered to the specific client’s needs. Whether the project is a whole home, or purely just decorative, no matter the scope of the project, she understands the importance of each project. Tara has a passion for design, and the desire to make each space she works on feel as if it reflects the clients own personal style and desires.

Emily Troe
Design Assistant
(402) 491-0426 (office)

Emily Studied Interior Design at Metro Community College and Studio Art with an Emphasis in 2 Dimensional Art at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Creating art has been a passion of Emily’s her whole life and has found a love in translating that into design. “I love working with people and ADI will give me that opportunity.” She understands that everyone is different and no two styles are exactly the same. Emily enjoys the task of being able to design spaces that represent the client and who they are.

Teresa Krajewski
Operations Manager
(402) 491-0426 (office)

Teresa handles with ease a wide range of administrative and operational functions to ensure efficiency in running the business. Prior to joining Absolute Design Interiors, Teresa achieved her Bachelor of Science from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln and spent more than 20 years in the full time business world in various roles.  She is the best multi-tasker on the planet!